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Chocolate and Cannabis: A Passionate Love Affair

Chocolate and Cannabis: A Passionate Love Affair

Several decades ago, we used to enjoy the gourmet cannabis edibles as homemade weed brownies exclusively. However, things have changed over the years, we now have varieties of options such as candy bars, gunny candies, confectioneries, and beverages. Among all the options available, a Colorado-based company stands out with its elegant gourmet products that take the culinary cannabis experience to a whole new level.

Lauren Gockley is one of the brains behind the innovative products of Coda Signature, the company that is making waves with its cannabis-derived chocolaty products.  Lauren who is the Director of Edibles of the company said she has been fascinated with cooking and baking right from her childhood and ended up training as a Chocolatier at the famous l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat in Tain l’Hermitage.

Lauren said that chocolate presents the creative caterer with endless options of working and interacting with the creamy organic fluid. She said it allows her to connect with people and create memories with flavors and aromas, thereby creating an aura of bliss.

Connecting through Chocolate

The blissful aura that chocolate creates is not a coincidence at all. The three fatty acids in chocolate develop bond with the endocannabinoid system, which is a natural compound with a chemical composition similar to THC found in cannabis. The chocolate also stimulates the production of anandamide, the natural compound that stimulates euphoric feeling.

Lauren explained that the molecules of chocolate and cannabis connect in nature, so creating a marriage of the ingredients comes naturally. To foster her mission, Lauren partnered with Mark Grindeland and Elizabeth Cooke who are the co-founders of the company to bring her dream of creating an aura of bliss and connecting with people through chocolates to a reality.

The trio worked together to create a new and positive cannabis experience through positive interaction with attractive products, interesting flavors, and mouth-watering aromas. The products are specially formulated to be safe, reliable, consistent and with a highly predictable effect. Lauren said the products were formulated with the customer in mind. The goal of the Coda Signature chocolates is to upscale the gourmet ambiance with enhanced favors and sweet aroma. 

Women and Chocolate

The product line of Coda Chocolate includes the ones that cater to the need of the cannabis community also. Perhaps, the products can enhance hormonal balance and improve sexuality as many women report that they crave chocolate at certain times during their menstrual cycle. It was said that a sudden shortage of chocolates caused hysteria among Nuns who consume the product regularly. The fascination of women with chocolate has been known for long, but the benefit of cannabis to womanhood is relatively new to most women.

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Lauren said the attention of women to cannabis is natural because most women would like to stop unhealthy habits like drinking as they grow older. She noted that alcohol has adverse effects on the body, but marijuana can keep a woman calm, serene and without regrets!

When you consider the soothing and analgesic properties of cannabis, along with its potency in relieving endometriosis pain and other chronic female ailments, one is not surprised that women are attracted to the cannabis industry.

Cake and Award for Coda Signature

It is apparent that this company is driven by a mission. Just three weeks after launching the brand in March 2016, the company received accolades at the Cannabis Cup. This feat is unprecedented in history. In 2018, the company received a total of seven awards in the edibles, topical and concentrates categories at the annual THC Championship of the HC Magazine. Coda  Signature has won 13 awards in less than three years in the market, which is a record-breaking achievement.

Above and beyond Sweets

The eyes of Coda Signature are focused on other niches as well; not the gourmet cannabis edibles market alone. The luxury topical products of Coda Signature also earned the company a prestigious first place for the Symphony Bath Bombs, and the restore eye salve came second in the Connoisseur category.  The Coda Signature vape cartridges also received accolades.

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The huge success the company has achieved in Colorado is opening new frontiers in other regions, as the company hopes to launch the Coda Signature brand in California in the first quarter of 2019.  Coda Signature has acquired the manufacturing and distribution license, so the company does not have to subcontract the manufacturing process, Lauren is personally supervising the installation of the kitchen in California and hopes to continue her love for chocolates and cannabis right there.

However, Lauren did issue a warning about the risk of working with chocolates. She jokingly said that people get upset when you cannot dish out chocolates from your pocket when they feel like it, and there are even more disappointed when you spice it up with cannabis! 

Do you want to try out the award-winning chocolates, topical and vape cartridges? You will find loads of them in the many dispensaries located across Colorado. Very soon, they will be available in California, too.

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