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We eat to live and not live to eat. But sometimes the life of people could become simply impossible without one of the first means of existence – food. And not due to some of social circumstances but just because of a lack of appetite.

When you don’t want to eat, it could be either because of a physical or mental ailment. You may experience the state for a short period of time, but when it lasts for more than even a week, something should be done with it, because the after effects could be disastrous.MMJ HERB EATBETTERWITHMMJ_2 EAT BETTER WITH MMJ Blog

The lack of appetite could lead to malnutrition and consequently loss of weight in the first place. Let’s think logically: you lose weight, you lose the power, your body undergoes great changes, so your immune system gets weaker, the ability of healing decreases also, you could face an absolute collapse. You become vulnerable to nervous disorders, it’s possible to lose hair and females could have serious menstruation issues. Then what’s worse the loss of appetite may result in muscle weakness and atrophy, hypoglycemia, kidney disfunction, low body temperature, and in the most difficult cases, anorexia.

Practitioners advise to use different nutritional supplements to improve the appetite, also to change the lifestyle, get more exercise. But when a person experiences fatigue caused by the lack of food, a great question arises: where on Earth can he or she be able to find power for exercising?

It’s very funny, but the easiest and simplest (but still not in all the states legalized) remedy lies on the surface. People ever tried marijuana could confirm that it gives you a hunger feeling immediately. The so called “munchies” after smoking or vaporizing cannabis impede you to eat everything could be found at hand.

All the matter is in already familiar to us cannabinoids. One of the primary cannabinoid, THC, is believed to be responsible for stimulating appetite. But in what way do cannabinoids influence our organism?

Approximately two decades ago scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS). As you have already guessed from its name, cannabinoids affect it, make it work. The endocannabinoid system has two primary cannabinoid receptors responsible for stimulating:  

CB1: Appetite, muscle control, pain, cognition, and reward

CB2: Immune function, cell proliferation, inflammation, and pain

In simple words, cannabinoids containing in a marijuana plant, getting into our organism, start impeding already existed there our own cannabinoids, increasing their ability to work. Consequently the whole system is more activated and thus some body disorders start recovering.

This explains many wonders that medical marijuana could do. And the same is with appetite stimulation.

In 2015 the journal “Nature” published a research conducted by Tamas Horvath, a professor of neurobiology and director the Yale Program in Cell Signaling and Neurobiology of Metabolism. The researchers found that the stimulation of appetite happens because of activation of a brain area best known for suppressing appetite.

Another group of studies found here proves that medical marijuana use raises the levels of two key hunger-regulating hormones, ghrelin and leptin, but does not significantly alter insulin levels, indicating it may be a safe and effective way to increase appetite.

A Colorado Medical Marijuana patient, Dillon Price, states in his interview  that he used to take a great quantity of pills that couldn’t help him in fighting against nausea and weight loss during his lyme disease, moreover they didn’t give him relief at all, but he tried medical marijuana and about a half an hour after vaporizing it he could properly eat and gain weight.MMJ HERB EATBETTERWITHMMJ_1 EAT BETTER WITH MMJ Blog

So, medical marijuana can be used in different forms to treat the lack of appetite, not only vaporizing. It’s getting popularity to use oromucosal solutions (preparations meant to be absorbed in the mouth or the throat, either by a fast dissolving solid or a liquid). And some patients prefer to use it as edibles.

What’s more amazing is that medical cannabis not only could improve your ability to consume food, but also your ability to decrease it. Quite paradoxically, but it could, on the other hand, make you thinner!

Dr. Stuart Weiss, a professor and endocrinologist at the NYU School Of Medicine explained to CBS 2,  that cannabinoids improve the metabolism. The study published in the American Journal of Medicine revealed that marijuana smokers have a higher caloric intakes than non-smokers, and a 16-percent lower fasting insulin level.

Again this effect could be explained by the regulation of endocannabinoid system. it turns out, that medical marijuana could simply regulate the part of our brain responsible for appetite: those who can’t control their eating ability become more restrained, and those who experience the lack of appetite become more interested in food. Multiple surveys show that cannabis is linked with a lower body mass index and lower body fat percentage.

However, more research is needed firstly to understand in a full measure how could cannabinoids affect the metabolic process and secondly which of cannabinoids is responsible for controlling obesity and the lack of appetite.

But as we already mentioned in our recent articles THC and CBD are only two more or less studied cannabinoids, but there are many more cannabinoids which are still not researched and we strongly believe that only the unity and cooperative work all of them could provide such astonishing results. And still synthetic substitutes could not reproduce the efficacy of a natural wonder of medical cannabis.

And for dessert we’d like to share a simple but delicious recipe of medical marijuana fire crackers with you, our dear MMJ followers.

Bon Appétit, or how it’s said in MMJ circles Bong Appétit!!

Sincerely yours,

MMJHerb Team

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