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How does CBN differ from CBD?

How does CBN differ from CBD?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds and there are 113 different types of which CBN and CBD are two. CBN is an abbreviation for cannabinol, while CBD is the abbreviation cannabidiol.

Due to its powerful psychedelic effects, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is probably the best known cannabinoid. Even if you’re not familiar with the high marijuana can cause, the effects of THC has for years been depicted in movies and TV.

How does CBN and CBD Work?

Cannabinoids like CBN and CBD are introduced into the bloodstream when a cannabis product is consumed to be in through smoking, dabbing, eating, vaping, or through any other means. Through the blood, cannabinoids is eventually introduced to the brain.

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In the brain, cannabinoids activate special neurons by docking with them. This produces a wide range of effects, both in the brain and throughout the body.

Think of CBD and CBN like keys that unlock and open certain doors. When those doors are open, messages can pass through to other parts of your brain and body. As CBN and CBD are different, they will produce different effect although they basically work in the same way.


Before we look at the differences between CBD and CBN, let’s look at the similarities. CBD and CBN are both cannabinoids that interact with receptors in the brain. Neither of these compounds will produce the same type of high that THC does, but they do have roughly same benefits and can therefore be used to treat medical disorders that are similar. CBD and CBN also have very few to no side effects.

There are actually not very many differences between the two compounds. CBD and CBN differ in the way that they are produced within the cannabis plant. In addition, CBD has more beneficial effects than CBN does and can therefore be used to treat more medical disorders.

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How Are CBD & CBN Produced?

The various chemical compounds in cannabis are produced while the plant grows. Simply eating the plant material after it has been harvested will however have not effect, as the compunds need to be extracted.

CBD and CBN are extracted differently. 

CBD is extracted through decarboxylation, which simply means heating up the marijuana. This can be done by either setting it alight or by heating it in an oven.

While CBN can also be extracted through decarboxylation, the second method to extract it is simple ageing. Although ageing is as effective as decarboxylation in extracting CBN, it takes longer and the process can’t be used to extract CBD.

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