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MMJ HERB MMJHELPSSLEEPWELL_3 MMJ HELPS SLEEP WELL Blog   Sound sleep is a guarantee of health, beauty, wealth and success. No wonder it’s said that in every obscure situation just go to sleep. Our body and brain need a kind of reboot to be refreshed, recovered and get ready to exist properly.

Those who suffer from a sleep disorder, known as insomnia, especially value the above written words, as the lack of sound sleep leads to irritability, fatigue, anxiety, oscitancy and even depression. And the last could induce far worse after effects.

Modern medicine and pharmacy provide a great variety of medication, ways of treatment insomnia. The most popular treatments are:

The idea of all the remedies is to relax the organism. For instance medicines based on orexin receptor antagonists, such as suvorexant (Belsomra) block chemicals in the brain that keep you awake, helping to induce sleep. So, simply saying, medications treat physiological causes of insomnia, but usually the causes of insomnia are mental and emotional.

But we also understand that chemically produced substances as the majority of sleeping pills could cause dependency, the organism starts getting used to them and when a person stops consuming them the withdrawal effects are easy to appear. And even long-term effects of taking of the harmless at least melatonin based supplements (by the way, melatonin is the hormone of sleep) are still unknown.

Sick and tired, insomniacs keep struggling, combining some of the treatments just to find a little relief. And when nothing could help, the desperate ones turn to medical cannabis. And it works! People ever tried marijuana affirm unanimously that it gives you a sleep feeling immediately.

So, those who suffer from insomnia and used MMJ even for a short time claim that their sleep became deeper, with fewer interruptions from waking in the middle of the night. It also shortens the time of a state from full awakening to falling asleep, so called sleep onset latency (SOL). And waking up in the morning you do not experience dizziness, any headache or feeling groggy.

The most precious marijuana components, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), work like chemicals found naturally in the brain. Thus, medical marijuana not only helps you fall asleep easy and fast, but also regulate and change the process of sleep itself.

MMJ HERB MMJHELPSSLEEPWELL_2 MMJ HELPS SLEEP WELL Blog   Commonly known, that the process of sleep consists of several stages. One of the stages is REM (rapid eye movement sleep). This stage is closely associated with dreaming.

The study conducted yet in 1975 shows that THC reduces the time of REM, consequently people experience less dreams, but mostly accepted by many psychologists and scientists that the less we see dreams, the more our brain has a rest.

In addition to MMJ benefits referring to sleep disorders THC also increases the time of one more sleep stage – deep sleep. And it’s proved by the study of 2008, but of course prospective studies are needed.

As the complete efficiency of medical marijuana is still discovered not in full measure a lot of studies have been conducted, you may find more studies here.

The effect of MMJ can be reached either by smoking it or consuming edibles, oils and tinctures.

it’s said that inhaling by smoking provides a faster effect, but edibles have a more lasting effect, you can even try to bake or cook your own edibles, so to speak, combining the pleasant with the useful.

Experts say that indica strains are better than sativa strains for treating insomnia as they contain more CBD. Cannabidiol is good at treating insomnia at least because it reduces anxiety and thus improves sleep. CBD decreases cortisol level responsible for causing anxiety. There was a study with 11 volunteers proved that.  It also is famous for having sedative effects used in treating epilepsy and psychosis.

As we stated above the key point in sleep medications is to relax the organism and medical marijuana possesses exactly the same property but according to its nature not artificial procedures.MMJ HERB MMJHELPSSLEEPWELL_1 MMJ HELPS SLEEP WELL Blog

The most exclusive and marvellous thing about marijuana is that this plant contains controversial components THC and CBD but surprisingly working together as a single unit they contribute not only to insomnia and usually accompanying it anxiety and depression treatment, but also to the treatment of many more diseases that are extremely difficult to fight with.

Of course you need to be careful in choosing the necessary strain or method of marijuana consumption, some doctors especially in such American States as California, Massachusetts, Nevada and some others may consult you upon using MMJ as a way to get rid of debilitating insomnia.

Nevertheless, when you are fed up with all the conventional and non-conventional methods, it’s a reasonable choice to try medical cannabis. Sleep tight, friends!

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