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Researchers eying on CBD to treat Covid-19 lung inflammation

We all know the health benefits of CBD and marijuana, and that CBD can improve the overall wellness. While the whole world is waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine, researchers have turned to CBD based treatment for Covid-19. Studies show that CBD can help treat patients suffering the effects of the deadly Coronavirus.

What researchers found recently was CBD’s ability to help manage the symptoms of Covid-19. A majority of the global population may have developed immunity against the Coronavirus, but Covid-19 is still a threat to people with existing conditions like respiratory and cardiac issues. Covid-19 directly impact the lungs and the oxygen levels in the body. In most cases, people suffer lung failure and multi-organ failure due to the elevated inflammatory response, which is also known as a cytokine storm. Studies show that CBD can help reduce the impact of cytokine storms.

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What is Covid-19 cytokine storm? The human body has an immune system that prevents and fight against the pathogenic attacks, and it creates inflammation in the body cells and organs to destroy the viruses. Our body cells produce cykotine, which is responsible for the inflammatory response.

Our immunity system tends to get aggressive to fight the Covid-19 Coronavirus that specifically attacks the lungs. As the inflammatory response gets intense, Immune cells in our body produce a massive amount of cykotine, and such condition is known as cykotine storm. Increase cykotine levels results in a reduction in oxygen levels in blood and body cells. Identically, reports from various organizations say the mortality rate of Covid-19 patients were high where the cytokine levels are high.

Reports suggest that people who suffer the cykotine storm have higher chances of developing acute respiratory deficiency syndrome (ARDS). Also, in some cases, it might cause multiple organ failures and may lead to death. However, we still need more studies to explore more about the cykotine levels and their effect on Covid-19 patients.

CBD for Covid-19 treatment The researchers from the Medical College of Georgia and Dental college of Georgia says that CBD showed favorable results when administered on ARDS models.

CBD is proved to be increasing the peptide (apelin) levels in the blood, which plays a crucial role in reducing the inflammation. Immensely, optimal peptide levels help to bring down the inflammation during a cykotine storm, which triggers inflammation aggressively in our lungs. As CBD reduces the inflammation in the lungs, the oxygen levels in the blood increase gradually, which lead to faster recovery from Covid-19. Likewise, it also helps reduce lung damage, which is another good thing that may speed up the recovery.

CBD for overall wellness Undeniably, CBD can contribute to the recovery from the symptoms of Covid-19 attack. Not only that, CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic properties, which help reduce chronic pains and acute pains in the body and the muscles.

Several users reported an increase in the quality of sleep after consuming CBD. Also, CBD can bring down the stress in the muscles and mind by inhibiting the breakdown of anandamides, which regulates the mood and stress levels.

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