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Three Cannabidiol Strains You Can Grow Right Now

The cannabis industry has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past decade, with studies uncovering new therapeutic benefits of the crop and its variants. If you’re new to the industry, the various terms can be confusing. If you’re unsure what CBD, hemp, or THC stands for or how they are connected to marijuana, MMJ Herb online clinic has more on the subject.

Well, CBD (the most popular compound available in both marijuana and hemp) has become a huge sub-industry. CBD is highly popularized for its research-driven [therapeutic benefits]( stands for cannabidiol.,cousin of the marijuana plant.).

If you’re looking to start benefiting from CBD and cannabis at U.S dispensaries, an MMJ recommendation will help you get started. Now, to grow CBD-rich cannabis plants, you first need to know the type of cannabis legally approved for CBD.

Legal CBD is derived from hemp varieties and not marijuana

Marijuana and hemp are two strains of cannabis, with the difference lying in (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC content. THC is the psychoactive agent that makes you “high” and is available in high doses in marijuana and not hemp.

Therefore it’s best to ensure the strains you plant for CBD content belong to the hemp family if you’re considering extraction. For personal use in states where cannabis is legal for recreational purposes, a high CBD marijuana strain is an option.

Here are three of the best CBD strains you can cultivate now:

  1. Special Sauce Premium

Special Sauce is one of the most recommended hemp plants due to its high CBD content. It’s a strain of hemp characterized by a unique cannabinoid profile and aroma. The plant is grown indoors for best outcomes and is well-known for offering anxiety relief and helping with insomnia.

The strain’s cannabinoid profile ranges at about 22 percent, with little THC concentration at 0.3 percent or less. Special Sauce Premium is known for its floral aroma.

  1. Lifter hemp strain

The lifter is a hemp strain first produced by Oregon Gold Standard CBD. It’s a hybrid of Early Resin Bud and Suver Haze. The cultivar is relatively in the market, but its cannabinoid profile makes it stand out as a favorite for growers looking to cultivate strains with high CBD potential and very little THC content.

The cultivar has recorded lab test scores of 18.2 percent high CBD content with only 1 percent Delta-9 THC. The lifter is one of the hemp strains receiving positive feedback for improving energy levels and assisting in relaxation.

  1. OG Kush CBD

Saving the best for last, OG Kush is probably the best cannabis strain for CBD out there. It’s a popular cultivar in the cannabis industry, with a stunning potency. The strain has a variety of sub-strains as it’s usually bred to achieve varying THC and CBD ratios.

Dinafem bred the cultivar from a pure CBD strain and an OG Kush cannabis plant. It generally contains more than 10 percent CBD concentration and has a strong aroma with a fuel blend.


According to one study, users of medicinal cannabis realized a 50 percent decrease in depression after consuming the drug. If you need a doctor’s recommendation to start using cannabis, get yourself an MMJ card today by reaching out to our experts at the MMJ clinic.

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