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Approaching the end of 2017, MMJHerb customers tend to ask a question “Do I need a med card in 2018?” more and more often. And we say “YES”, giving at least 3 words: age, price, quality.

Even children do not wait for Santa as recreational marijuana followers in California wait for January, 1, when Prop.64 officially allows retail sales of rec marijuana.

We already devoted one of our articles “MEDICAL AND RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA: BROS OR CONS” to last year’s decision of 56% of the vote to legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and over.  It’s already called the historic page in marijuana movement. But not everything is as easy and cheerfully as it may seem at first sight.MMJ HERB MMJ2018_1-300x279 TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE A MMJ CARD IN 2018? Blog

It’s not only the federal level that gives the permit of retail sales of recreational cannabis. It also depends on the decision of authorities of local cities and counties. And of course retailers should be licensed by the state.

To get a license you need to comply with a set of regulations, that you may get acquainted with at the official website of the Bureau of Cannabis Control. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), responsible for the manufacturing component of the industry, provides Text of Regulations that describe types of licenses, product standards and prohibited products, limits and fees. For now it’s known that just 20 first licenses were issued for retailers.

Mildly speaking, it wasn’t enough just introduce and accept Prop. 64, the main legal regulator of recreational marijuana activity, it’d take far more juristic laws and regulations and consequently time to organize the whole activity for proper work.

That’s exactly one of the reasons why other counties are not so in rush to contemplate long queues of adults at rec clubs and motley crowds celebrating the freedom of cannabis use.

Moreover medical marijuana industry is already well-established and functions proper enough to cover people’s marijuana needs. And these needs, by the way, are proved by a physician’s statement in a form of a MMJ card, and logically justified by reasonable circumstances to use cannabis for medical purposes, which adds a valuable advantage for medical marijuana and thus gets rid of marijuana’s ill fame in general.

It’s worth mentioning that to purchase some medical marijuana products, such as tinctures and creams, you can only having a MMJ card, as they contain lesser THC level and thus do not produce a euphoric effect. Some medical marijuana edibles are more effective than recreational ones and they will be sold at lower prices, because of high taxes on recreational products.

To the word about taxation. Almost all tabloids and honourable newspapers claim that California will impose a 15% levy on all cannabis sales in the state, including medical pot products. Some buyers will incur an effective tax as high as 45% on recreational cannabis use for adults.

So, the price of cannabis will consist of state tax and local county tax. Consumers will pay a sales tax ranging from 22.25% to 24.25%, which includes the state excise tax of 15%, and additional state and local sales taxes ranging from 7.25% to 9.25%.MMJ HERB MMJ2018_3 TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE A MMJ CARD IN 2018? Blog

Not surprising that it’ll stimulate the development of cannabis “black markets”. Of course they could exist and now, but the more people would like to buy marijuana, the more people would like to sell it, nothing difficult. But pursuing lower prices for so-wanted portion of plant, you may not pay attention to its quality, while medical marijuana dispensaries guarantee it. And of course no one can be sure, that recreational clubs may report exact number of ounces sold and orders in general made, again regulations of control are necessary for the government not to lose money.

According to miscellaneous rules of CDPH, shopkeepers are allowed to give free cannabis products to only medical patients or their caregivers. Medical marijuana consumers are eligible to carry cannabis products with them on a plane.

Cannabis admirers expect from January, 1, that all adults 21 and over are already allowed to possess, transport and gift up to an ounce of cannabis to other adults 21 and over, as well as seven grams of hash, and they can grow up to six plants indoors. But with our original MMJHerb documents you may possess to 8 oz for the personal usage and grow also up to 6 mature and 12 immature plants. And for those, who need more for their personal usage, we are eager to offer the special package, that allows you to grow up 99 plants. And it’s rather secure to have an MMJ-ID card on you, in case of being stopped by the police to prove, that you’re a medical marijuana patient, and you have al the rights to consume and carry MMJ freely.MMJ HERB MMJ2018_2-300x179 TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE A MMJ CARD IN 2018? Blog

Just imagine, folks, if it’s so easy, then everybody would go to a club to buy it. Could you imagine these enormous lines waiting for their ounces? Plus add, please, there also excited tourists that would gush to California cities? Isn’t it easier just a fill out a simple online application at website, not going out of your house? Fortunately, MMJHerb provides with medical marijuana documents for reasonable prices without any hidden fees for the whole year.

To sum up, while the largest cities in California, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Long Beach, Oakland are still waiting for retail sales of recreational marijuana, we are ready to deduce the main, to our point of view. reasons of having a medical marijuana card in 2018:

  1. legal grounds (proper regulations to control)
  2. time consuming process (waiting for proper regulations to buy rec cannabis)
  3. age limit (until you’re 21, you can’t claim for rec marijuana)
  4. pricing (no comment)
  5. marijuana quality (medical marijuana dispensaries have proved their quality for their 2 decades of existence)
  6. convenience and security.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you Merry Christmas and to make a right choice in possessing a medical marijuana card in 2018.

Sincerely yours,

MMJHerb Team

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