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Unleash creativity with medical marijuana

The cannabis plant is one of the most popular shrubs in the botanical world. People consume marijuana for different reasons, including getting high, tap into its numerous medical benefits, and lately to unleash their creativity.

Creativity is the ability to project our ideas and thoughts into action like in a painting or by coming up with a solution to a difficult math problem.

While some people are born creative, others need a little push. Cannabis has been a source of creativity for thousands of years. In fact, Chinese medical practitioners in the past used cannabis to cure patients of ‘absent-mindedness.’

Patterns of thoughts

There are two patterns of thoughts, namely;

Convergent thinking: also known as vertical thinking, this type of rationale focuses on a linear pattern while focusing on logic. It is applicable when one is dealing with facts, serious information, or digits (numbers). This type of thinking comes into play when we are solving logical questions or calculating possibilities or numbers.

Divergent thinking: focuses on imagination, ideas, inspiration, and creativity. It is also known as horizontal thinking. We use this when doing activities like writing, painting, composing songs, etc.

Creative thinking is associated with the frontal lobe, which increases its activity when an individual consumes marijuana. This is because THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, interacts with brain receptors, thus increasing the brain’s level of activity.

Increased brain activity triggers more cerebral blood flow, which in turn, activates our creative state.

Marijuana also increases the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for ‘happy moods’ in humans. THC facilitates the release of dopamine in a brain region known as the striatum, which is responsible for creative thinking.

How much is enough?

The secret here is moderation. According to the studies conducted, it was discovered that a little marijuana has a small effect on the user while consuming large amounts of the product inhibits the creative process.

When consumed in the right dosage, marijuana opens its users’ minds to a myriad of creative ideas.

Other studies show that marijuana has little effect on already creative users but can increase the creativity level of people with a less creative mind.

Always ensure that you own marijuana that is below the legal limit.

So, are creative people inclined towards marijuana consumption, or does marijuana make people more creative? This sounds like the egg and chicken kind of question. Still, from the research conducted, it can be deduced that marijuana helps boost creativity for highly creative and less creative individuals.


Always do what you think or know works for you. If you are new to the scene or don’t know how to use marijuana to tap into your creative side, come to us at MMJ Herb online clinic, and we will help you access marijuana legally so that you can try different doses and find which works best for you.

Go ahead and tap into that inner painter, writer or designer by unleashing your creative side using one or more of the many strains available.

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