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Is It Dangerous To Use Marijuana During Pregnancy?

Using marijuana while pregnant is highly debatable.There’s not a lot of data on the side effects of weed on a growing embryo, but The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends to stop using cannabis while you are pregnant.

The Oldest History of Using Marijuana During the Pregnancy:

Cannabis preparations for childbearing have been registered as early as 2000 BCE. Tonic-water made with hemp seeds, ale and spearmint were given to females in Ancient Mesopotamia during a troublesome parturition.

You can find some hemp recipes to relieve spasms in Egyptian medical texts from 1534 BCE. For example weed was mixed with some honey and inserted in the vagina in order to lessen the pain.

Israel archaeological research found marijuana cinder in a entombment of a 14-year-old girl who passed away during throes of childbirth. Some historians consider that substance from the plant was used in a type of inhaled steam to lighten the birth operation.

Also you can find some Persia documents from 9th century, where you can read that hemp medicines were used to support pregnancy. Though, these women weren’t inhaling the herb. In accordance with Russo:

“…An intranasal base preparation of juice from cannabis seeds was mixed with a variety of other herbs to treat migraine, calm uterine pains, prevent miscarriage, and preserve fetuses in their mothers’ abdomens.”

Marijuana use during pregnancy has been studied since the 1960’s. One significant research of 12,825 interviews did not find any statistical association between marijuana and birth problems.

However,you should understand that the studies also show that pot is not risk free and may harm you and your unborn child.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Marijuana Use While Pregnant?

A lot of “stoned” mothers totally in love with the pot for getting through troublesome pregnancy: morning debility, pain, nausea, depression and lack of appetite.

But some research has pointed out that THC may pass the placenta and enter embryo’s bloodstream when weed is inhaled by expectant.

No wonder, that physicians have connected cannabis use during pregnancy with increased risk for many pregnancy complications. For example:

  • low birth weight
  • premature birth
  • small length
  • stillbirth
  • small brain circumference

Hundreds of researchers have also noticed some changes in older children whose mothers used cannabis when they were pregnant:

  • experience affected memory
  • difficulty paying attention
  • gaps in problem solving skills

BUT: Sometimes it is hard and even impossible to study the effects of smoking hemp during pregnancy: moms may also use alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs in studies.

Have you heard about the study in Jamaica?

In 1994 Dr. Melanie Dreher and a big team of researches found out that the mixture of marijuana and newborns is actually a harmful integration. The scientists followed 24 stoned moms during pregnancy and 5 years later. They kept watching over babies, their birth weight, general viability, IQ and manners.

The results are really surprising. “Weed” babes and non-using babes do not differ. In fact, “weed” babies de facto did better on some trials and experiments. And even after five years, there was still no distinction between the two groups of children.

So, as you see there are still a lot of arguments whether it is safe to use marijuana during pregnancy or not. Of course, there is always a risk, and you should always remember that you risk not only yourself but also your unborn baby.

Finally, it’s only your choice whether to use marijuana during the pregnancy or not.

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