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What is Marijuana Yoga?

What is Marijuana Yoga?

Marijuana yoga, also known as Ganja yoga, simply means smoking Marijuana before practicing. Ancient texts actually describe this practice and for millennia, Yogis have used various herbs to enhance exercise. Weed and yoga are similar in that they both shift consciousness in such a way that it enables one to open up to energy, emotional and psychological states that we are not normally in during the daily grind.

Although, marijuana and yoga independently offer this experience, what would happen if they were to be combined? Although it’s natural to be skeptical at first, investigating the deepened experiences and health benefits might be enough to piqued your interest to try.

MMJ HERB esteban-lopez-272448-unsplash What is Marijuana Yoga? Blog

To try this for myself, I used just enough marijuana with a vaporizer to feel a little high, while compiling a short playlist. I was deliberately intentional about not using too much as I wanted to be fully aware of the experience. Lighting a candle, rolling out my mat, and setting a timer for 20 minutes completed my preparations.

If you are curious about trying ganja yoga, here are some ways in which my experiment was different:

I relaxed immediately

Normally, I take a few moments before practice to let feelings, interactions and events from the day fade away. This is done by using a combination of focused attention and mindful breathing. Once I had smoked a mellow indica strain, however, I was relaxed much faster and easier. 

Heightened senses

I’m usually so laser-focused that sounds and noises are tuned out. The experience after imbibing was very different. Although the breeze coming in through the window, the sound of the music and the scent of the candle were all strong enough to distract me, they instead became a part of my flow.

MMJ HERB drew-taylor-554136-unsplash What is Marijuana Yoga? Blog

Pulsing movements

Although I’m definitely not graceful when practicing yoga, I felt more in sync with my body and musicafter smoking. My movements flowed and ebbed like the tides of an ocean with small pulsing movements added to each hold simply because it was too challenging to stay still. I now wonder if it is my mind stopping me from being more graceful to start off with, or if it was all a beautiful indica-fueled front.

Connection to my body

An enhanced connection to the guts and muscles occurs in yoga whether you use ganja or not, but with the two combined, I could literally feel my life force stimulating my practice through my breathing and my heart beating. Getting certain shapes exactly right was not as important as focusing on moving from the heart without using the thinking mind. This part of the combination exercise was the most spiritual. While the mind was quiet, I could simply rely on my lungs to breathe and my body to move, all without any effort. The ultimate surrender to what is was making space for the heart and diaphragm to expand, giving me a sense of joy not experienced before.

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