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Why MMJ Herb

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose MMJ Herb

Whether you’re ready to experience medical marijuana or need to renew an expired recommendation — you must find the best MMJ doctor that has your needs and rights in mind.

Read along to understand why MMJ Herb tops the rest of the competition in California. Discover how MMJ Herb’s online clinic assists you with competitively priced recommendations, massive discounts, tourism-friendly recommendations, and the ultimate package for cultivators.


MMJ Herb is Affordable

First and foremost, MMJ Herb is by far the most affordable online medical marijuana clinic in California.

Other leading clinics, such as NuggMD and MMJDoctor, charge an arm and a leg for their basic medical marijuana recommendation. Overall, NuggMD charges $39, and MMJDoctors recommendation is a whopping $49.

If you choose MMJ Herb’s Bronze Package, you will receive a valid medical marijuana license for $29. Lastly, MMJ Herb’s license renewal costs $25, which is far lower than competitors.

Additionally, MMJ Herb’s doctor’s recommendation comes equipped with:

  • HIPAA and ASA compliance
  • Backed by a licensed physician
  • 24/7 online and phone verification
  • Chat and telephone support
  • Valid for 12-months

MMJ Herb Allows You To Buy Weed For Less

For most, sticker shock is a real thing once you visit a recreational dispensary near you.

Many medical patients are stunned by the relatively high prices of cannabis products. However, MMJ Herb offers its patients steep discounts while purchasing cannabis due to the lack of medical marijuana taxes. Unlike recreational cannabis, medical marijuana does not experience sky-high taxation, which means you’ll get more weed for less.

MMJ Herb Offers a Tourist Recommendation

One of the perks of choosing MMJ Herb is the tourist recommendation.

If you’re from out of state, you can apply for a medical marijuana license, which doubles as a tourist recommendation in minutes. You’re legally entitled to purchase cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary in California with a tourist recommendation.

Other MMJ clinics, such as NuggMD and MMJDoctorOnline, do not offer this type of service. Luckily for you, the state of California recognizes out-of-state patients — as long as they hold a valid recommendation.

If you’re ready to enjoy California’s epic medical marijuana products — look no further than MMJ Herb’s tourist recommendation.

MMJ Herb Offers The Ultimate Cultivation License

As a medical marijuana patient, you’ll need access to a constant supply of medicine.

However, medical marijuana isn’t cheap — especially if you consume it often. As a medical marijuana patient, you’re entitled to grow six mature cannabis plants. However, there is a legal grey zone that many patients don’t want to step over.

Instead of worrying about the legality of cultivating marijuana, you can opt for MMJ Herb’s Platinum Package, which entitles you to grow a maximum of 99 cannabis plants. Unlike the competition, MMJ Herb is one of the first online medical marijuana clinics to offer cultivators such a robust package.

If you’re ready to grow your own without worrying about limits — the Platinum Package is just right for you.

The Benefits Go On and On

Ultimately, MMJ Herb goes above and beyond to ensure its patients get the medicine they need.

Whether you apply on your laptop or your phone, you’ll receive a valid doctor’s recommendation within minutes. Once you have your recommendation, you’ll have California’s premier medical marijuana products at your fingertips.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of medical marijuana, It’s time to apply for a license with MMJ Herb

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