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Why to choose MMJ Herb

5 Reasons to Choose MMJ Herb Clinic Among Others

Getting a medical marijuana card can be quite a long and tedious process. There is also a high probability of not getting a card as a first-time user. Instead of rebooking appointments with a doctor just to get a marijuana card, it’s preferable to get your marijuana card online. Certain advantages make MMJ Herb clinic a favorite among other cannabis clinics to get a medical marijuana card in California, let’s take a look at the 5 most important reasons.

Fast and reliable service

MMJ Herb clinic provides a fast online application and approval process. Most individuals get approved in just 10-15 minutes, which saves the time you could have spent during your doctor’s appointment. Also, as soon as you get approved, you will get the digital copy of your MMJ recommendation to the email address. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to get the original paper document as it will be delivered in 2-4 business days.

In contrast to other cannabis clinics, the application process of MMJ herb clinic is quite simple and requires little or no effort. Simply use the website and fill the application form answering a few questions for a quick and simplified review. Choose the most suitable package of your choice ranging from bronze to platinum. MMJ herb clinic has a Medical Board Licensed Physician who will review your application and clarify any doubts.

Its authentic and legal

Some online clinics take advantage of ignorant buyers and offer them fake cards. Using fake cards to buy medical marijuana means you won’t be served and you could also face consequences for attempting to circumvent the law.

This is one of the MOST important reasons why you should use MMJ herb clinic because they have trustworthy licensed professionals that offer legitimate cards and prescriptions. Our doctors have issued 259,874 Medical Marijuana Cards since 2016 which makes us the safest places you can order your marijuana card online.

In contrast to other cannabis clinics, MMJ herb clinic offers cards that are valid and legal to use. You can use it whenever and wherever you choose to purchase medical cannabis, whether this is online or through a local dispensary. Most cards are good for about a year before they will need to be renewed.

High approval rating

Have you ever tried getting a medical cannabis prescription through a local doctor’s office? Then you know this process can be long and difficult. Your local doctor may not know about cannabis and instead prefers to prescribe traditional medications which can bring about mental disorders. Nonetheless, with MMJ herb clinic, it’s a completely different story. Our doctors are fully medical marijuana doctors who have studied all aspects of the cannabis plant. Our doctors believe in the medicinal power of cannabis and because of this, they are more likely going to approve your condition for medical marijuana treatment. We also ensure that the user gives only the correct information when filling the application to prevent any wrong prescriptions.

24/7 support

Seeking medical treatment for any condition means regularly checking in with a doctor to assess your progress with treatment and to make any changes necessary to your prescription as needed. MMJ herb clinic ensures that your symptoms are kept in check with its available 24/7 Professional Chat/Telephone Support. Also, with our doctor’s recommendation, you get up to 23% discount on high-quality weed.

Special packages

Most online clinics will just provide you with a doctor’s recommendation which allows you to buy medical cannabis. Depending on your package, MMJ herb clinic offers a MMJ card with a personal photo and the ability to grow up to 99 plants as it shows that you are approved as a medical marijuana patient Sounds interesting right! The ability to grow your cannabis plants means you can save the costs of regularly buying cannabis and invest in your plants. Our doctor’s recommendation also allows you to keep up to 8oz of your favorite cannabis strain.

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